28 August 2010

Long time no blogging....

Three months have passed since my last blog entry, and I'm sad to say that the lovely terrasse has not been used as frequently I hoped.

As I had my vacation in Kazakhstan in April, so this years summer vacation was a one week trip to the West Coast of Norway.  It started with Liv & Marcin's wedding at Sandane, took us via Stryn, Geiranger and my Dads cabin at Fjellseter, to Ålesund and ended with a WONDERFUL day at the "Sommerfest på Giske" (www.verdensbestefestival.no)!

Except for the short vacation, I've spent a lot of time in London this summer. Per Øyvind has had started in a new position in Shell and had his training and getting to know his new colleagues in London most of June and July. And as Per Øyvind is my favourite guy, London is my favourite city and some of my favourite friends live there, I could not stand leaving him there all by his lonesome!

Now Autumn has arrived, with rain and cold almost every day :-(  There will be a lot of work these coming weeks, broken by a two week training course in Bergen.  Fun things planned for the rest of the year includes a trip to Rome in October, visiting Karasjok in November and going to Ålesund at the end of the year!  Looking forward to it!

...hoping I'll be better at updating my blog in the months to come.... :-)