30 June 2010

Per Øyvinds London

I just had to steal some of Per Øyvinds pictures from London.  Enjoy my boyfriends view through the lookingglass, a London you might not have seen with your own eyes... ;-)

27 June 2010

Boattrip to Greenwich

Per and I decided that it was time to be tourists in London, and this beautiful day we decided that a boat trip to Greenwich was a perfect choice.  The bridges across the river, the beautiful grand buildings and the colourful house boats were some of the sights we enjoyed.  Greenwich itself is a beautiful and relaxed village, well worth the trip!  And a recommendation to anyone travelling to London, especially maybe families, as there is a great park which is not too crowded and a teaching possibility at the observatory at the prime meridian of the world.


Tower Bridge

Traitors Gate

Colourful house boats

Greenwich -  Prime Meridian of the World