10 November 2010

Wish list...

I've seen other bloggers add their wish lists to their blogs, and I thought this was a neat way of dreaming.  This is my wish list for both small and extravagant wishes in no particular order...  but I know what I have to start with:
I love Arne Jacobsen design, and would really like four more white Series 7 for our dining table.  A couple of them could be exchanged for Swan's if someone insisted ;-)  But at the top of my Arne Jacobsen wish list is the Egg, preferably in worn brown leather, but I wouldn't say no to any colour or fabric!

This funky wall/ceiling lamp Harmoni would be a great feature in my home, probably in my next home, but I would find a place for it in the current as well if I needed to :-)

Ola Windsor chair(s) from Tonning in Stryn - I love all of them, the colourful, the white and the wooden... 

The Sony Bravia NX something must be one of the prettiest TVs on the market. I prefer chrome or white TVs, but this one is still my favourite.

I also need a side table for my new BoBo lamp which I picked up from the store today, and I wouldn't mind a new media furniture to set the TV on, as I am not happy with the one we have today.  A headboard for the bed is also on the to-do/whish list.  I could go on and on and on... but now

... Brothers & Sisters...
Have a good evening!

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